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LAST UPDATED – 20th FEB , 2019

About the blog:
CrackPuppet is my dream blog, here on my blog I share articles related to Apps MOD , Games MOD and information about android. I started this blog on 4 Jan 2018 to share my knowledge of Android Games and Technologies.

Our other latest blogs:-
Currently, I am working on three blogs one is you are on i.e Eshnep.com other one is DLapkMod.com & CrackPuppet.com.

If I tell you in brief then:

Eshnep: Here We ProvidFootball News , Football Prediction & Tech
DlapkMod: Here We Provide Games Apk MOD
CrackPuppet: We Provide Games Tips, Tricks & APKmods.
I have some other blogs also that I made for Earning perspective only. I will tell you about them in the coming future.

What are Arjun Ghimire’s Areas Of Interest?
I love Blogging, Making videos , Building Softwares & for eating I love Paneer, MoMo & Cheese Burst Pizza of Dominos is my Favorite.

You can connect with me at:


Who Are We ?
Our website URL is CrackPuppet.com this is our blog website where we regularly or twice a week upload a blog post about football news, football prediction and tech guides. We have started this blog in 2019. The owner and the founder of the website is Arjun Ghimire.

Who Founded CrackPuppet.com ?Arjun Ghimire( Me ) is the founder , website designer and creator of crackpuppet.com. I am basically 15 year old blogger ( Will reach 16 year after 2 month ) and has joined blogging courier from the age of 14 and also the youngest successful blogger of nepal.

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